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Dear friends

At the recent Baptist Union Annual Assembly, the new President (the Rev Jenni Entrican) spoke about Daring Greatly. This is the theme of her presidency – an invitation and a challenge to all of us: to Dare Greatly.

It’s a challenge to all of us as God’s people, as individuals, groups of Jesus’ followers, churches: to dare to do something and to dare to do it, not half-heartedly, but greatly. It’s a challenge to be different and to do differently. She sees it in three aspects:

The courage to be real – to show up with our uncertainties and weaknesses. The courage to step outside the box: to step away from what is comfortable for us, to enable us to see God at work beyond our comfort zones.

The courage to follow Jesus: to look afresh at whom He hung out with, what He said about religious law-keeping, and how His kingdom was significantly different from any kingdom we still try to build.

In summing up, she said that the Bible is full of people like us – neither a world leader nor a wimp – and when they picked up their specific challenge from God, they found that amazing things happened in them, to them, and through them.

In recent weeks we have been looking back on our history, and seeing how God’s people at Idle have always been a people of vision, not afraid to step out in faith.

The Bible Study group have been following a series based on John Ortberg’s book “If you Want to Walk on Water, you’ve got to get out of the Boat”.
So it’s no surprise that this year’s Presidential message should be on the same theme!

God is already calling to us here at Idle to pick up our specific challenge, and to see what He will do. It’s a challenge to all of us, because as the body of Christ here in this place, everyone’s part is vitally important.

It’s a challenge to all of us to seek together what God is calling us to do, and to be, and we wait with expectation and excitement to see what God will reveal to us.

Your friend and pastor

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